Chuck Pierce's prophecy over Taiwan

I want all of those from Taiwan come here.

Now Taiwan is becoming the nation in the China sea area where all eyes are beginning to be focused. The Lord would say to you, you are becoming a model of my resisting force. I say over to you the next two years you must develop unity throughout the land.

You must be wise as you develop new relationships. For You’ll be seen worldwide for the next two years. There’ll be great conflict between you & China, but because of your worship, you’ll begin to create an atmosphere, other nations will model after, the Lord says the whole island will become a worship explosion. The Lord says quickly go everywhere, bring everybody to you & explode worship, model worship, & I allow prophetic words to the nations of Asia to come forth, & you’ll move into a prophetic dynamic, the apostolic church has been established, now let the prophetic strength rise up & begin to shift all of Asia.

Taiwan, the next two years my eyes is focused on you, you’ll become a fiery diadem in the seas & all Chinese will say Taiwan is on fire for our One God in Heaven, get ready, many convergence is on the way & the shout of the Lord is rising up among you, let’s give a shout for Taiwan. (Taiwan prophesied by Chuck Pierce at Passover 5779 in Int’l Glory of Zion)