2010/7/19-25 北緯10/40之窗禱告焦點




Weekly Prayer Points- July 19 -25, 2010








More than fifty percent of the Taiwanese people believe life is worse under the leadership of President Ma Ying-jeou. Two years after Ma was elected, most citizens see poverty growing worse and 58.6% of those surveyed said they are dissatisfied with his policies. Pray for the Lord to give President Ma direction in guiding the nation of Taiwan forward. Ask Him to provide new ideas and strategies for addressing the problem of poverty. Pray for the dissatisfaction the people are experiencing to motivate them to seek fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Petition the Lord for a great and widespread spiritual awakening that will lead multitudes into relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord.







Security forces in Bahrain arrested 14 people attempting to enter the country on forged passports in May 2010. They also caught two Iranians with forged British passports. The fake passports were detected because of increased security levels and updated equipment intended to prevent smuggling and terrorism. Praise the Lord for enabling authorities to catch those seeking to commit crimes and engage in acts of violence. Thank Him for the technology, expertise, and opportunities to stop these activities. Pray for Bahrain to be an example to other governments in being vigilant in securing their borders and in apprehending international criminals. Ask the Lord to reveal to the people of Bahrain that He is the source of their security and safety. Pray for the veil to be removed from their eyes and for those enslaved by Islam to be set free. Petition the Lord for a great harvest of souls in Bahrain.







According to a Malaysian university professor, Brunei is vulnerable to money laundering. “Money launderers are very clever people,” she warned. “These people… will find different means and methods to penetrate a country that is relaxed and not prepared. This is a global phenomenon. You never know if you are living with a terrorist or money launderer. You do not know where the money comes from and where it goes.” Pray for the leaders of Brunei and other vulnerable Southeast Asian nations to take action against this insidious form of corruption. Ask the Lord to expose those who are involved in money laundering and cut off the flow of funds benefiting drug smugglers, human traffickers, and terrorists. Pray for the Kingdom of God to come to Brunei, shining the light of Christ into every dark corner, revealing sin, and bringing repentance that leads to salvation.







Rumors of war continue to circulate in the Middle East. Israel is not only preparing for war with Iran, but also with Lebanon – one of the nations that support the terrorist group Hezbollah. Reports speculate Israel may be planning to attack convoys transporting weapons from Syria to Lebanon to arm Hezbollah. Pray for the Lord to reveal the evil and destructive nature of Hezbollah to the leaders of Lebanon and convince them to stop encouraging and allowing their attacks against Israel. Ask for an end to the alliances Lebanon has forged with Syria and Iran. Pray for the salvation of President Michel Suleiman. Invite the Holy Spirit to sweep through Lebanon, opening blind eyes and minds to the love of God and drawing multitudes into relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.








The government of Qatar has tried on two occasions in recent days to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Both times they were rejected because the offers included a demand that Qatar be allowed to engage in “massive reconstruction” in the Gaza Strip. Qatar and Israel broke off relations after the Israeli assault on Gaza in 2008. Pray for peace between these nations and for the motivations behind Qatar’s overtures to be without guile. Ask the Prince of Peace to rule and reign in this region, establishing the Kingdom of God in Qatar and the entire Arabian Peninsula. Petition the Lord to lead multitudes of Muslims to Jesus Christ.







In April 2010, United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon called on Turkmenistan to improve its human rights record by fulfilling “all obligations under international human rights law.” President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov responded by renewing his pledge to bring about reforms. Torture and freedom of the press were among the chief concerns. Pray for the UN call to be heeded and for the government of Turkmenistan to take immediate action in bringing an end to human rights violations. Ask the Lord to move in the hearts of leaders and institute democracy and justice, driving out corruption in every form, as well as brutality, greed, and the desire to control and manipulate. Pray for God’s Kingdom to come to this former Soviet republic as it is in heaven, setting the captives free to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.








Although Ethiopia held parliamentary elections May 23, 2010, the outcome was being called into question even before the first vote had been placed. In an effort to prevent the riots and accusations of rigging that plagued the 2005 elections, the ruling party nearly eliminated opposition and ran a non-stop propaganda campaign. Pray for peace in the aftermath of the elections, along with fair and accurate results. Ask the Lord to root out corruption and expose attempts to control and manipulate. Pray for leaders to be raised up who will govern the people with equity and justice. Ask the Lord to send revival to the Church of Ethiopia and give Believers boldness in sharing the Gospel. Pray for repentance and salvation as God’s Kingdom comes to this nation.







After refusing to register for the upcoming election, the main opposition party in Myanmar (the National League for Democracy) was forced to disband. The leader of the group, Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi, is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and has been under house arrest for nearly 20 years. The military junta currently ruling Myanmar announced that elections would be held in 2010, but has yet to specify a date. Pray for an end to the military rule that has oppressed this nation since 1962. Ask the Lord to provide fair, democratic elections, raising to power those of His choosing who will lead Myanmar with integrity. Invite the Holy Spirit to move in this Buddhist nation, tearing down strongholds of lies and deception and setting the people free to hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray for God’s Kingdom to come to Myanmar and for Jesus Christ to be exalted above all other gods.







A new film about the civil conflicts in Chad premiered at the Cannes Film festival in May 2010. “This war,” the filmmaker said, “is in fact perpetrated by men, it’s not women who wage war. It’s a kind of history handed down from father to son… and from generation to generation.” Pray for a breaking of this deadly, traumatic, demonic cycle of violence in Chad. Ask the Lord to transform the hearts of key members of the rebel and government forces engaged in this ongoing battle. Pray for the restoration of families and for the Lord to comfort those who have lost loved ones. Petition the Lord to strengthen Believers and give them opportunities and boldness in sharing the Gospel throughout Chad. Pray for peace in this war-torn land as the Kingdom of God comes in power.







In May 2010, a North African sociologist accused Algeria of supporting the Polisario (independence movement of Western Sahara) merely as a means of controlling the region. The aim, he said, is to create a “dependent state” and eventually rule the entire Sahel. Pray for an end to the battle for control in this area – the desperate and obsessive attempts to dominate people and nations. Ask the Lord to protect and sustain groups like the Saharawis who are being bullied by various governments. Pray for the leaders in Algeria to champion the cause of Western Sahara for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do. Plead with the Lord to send workers into this Muslim harvest field and for the Gospel to be proclaimed throughout the land. Ask for His Kingdom to come and His will be done in Algeria.








Despite “well documented ties to terrorist organizations and an abysmal human rights record,” Libya was elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council in May 2010. One of the dissenting nations called this development “problematic” and said it undermined the purpose of the Human Rights Council. Pray for this to be a wake up call for Libya, alerting its leaders (especially President al-Qadhafi) of the need to change the course of this nation, choosing to pursue justice and righteousness rather than support terrorism and human rights abuse. Petition the Lord to remove the veil from the eyes and minds of the Libyans. Pray for the Gospel to be preached throughout Libya, and for multitudes of citizens to respond, putting their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.







After setting up a joint working committee with Australia to counter terrorism in April 2010, Malaysia announced in May 2010 that a partnership with Indonesian police is helping them fight the abuse of immigrants. “Malaysian employers,” the report said, “who committed offences such as physically abusing their [Indonesian] maids and not paying their salary” had been apprehended and charged. Praise the Lord for the steps the government of Malaysia is taking to end terrorism and human trafficking abuses. Pray for these efforts to be successful and for those who are planning these crimes to be deterred and convinced that their plans will fail. Ask the Lord to be an Advocate for those who have left their homeland to seek a living in Malaysia, drawing them into relationship with Jesus Christ and giving them strength and encouragement. Pray for the love of the Lord to be lavished on these “aliens” and for the government to look on them with favor. Invite God’s Kingdom to come to Malaysia as it is in heaven.





在阿曼工作的信徒報告說莊稼已經成熟可以收割了。但是卻少了一件事:工人。他們禱告有英文老師及其他織帳篷的工人,還有「更多一般工作者能在阿曼服事」。為聖靈運行在這個封閉的穆斯林國家讚美主。禱告莊稼的主差遣更多工人進到禾場。求主滲透每個城市、市郊及阿曼其他區域:像是Muscat, Muttrah, Ruwi, Sidab, Al Seeb, Bowshar, Quiryat, Al Bustan, Al Qurum, Qantab, Bahla, Nizwa等地。禱告屬靈的瞎眼被打開看見福音的真光,耳聾的能聽見福音真理。邀請神的國來到阿曼並帶來極大靈魂的收割。



Believers laboring in Oman report that the fields are ripe for harvest. But one thing is lacking: workers. They are praying for English teachers and other tentmakers, as well as “more workers in Oman in general.” Praise the Lord for the move of His Holy Spirit in this closed, Muslim nation. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into His harvest field. Ask the Lord to penetrate every city, suburb, and region of Oman: Muscat, Muttrah, Ruwi, Sidab, Al Seeb, Bowshar, Quiryat, Al Bustan, Al Qurum, Qantab, Bahla, Nizwa…. Pray for blind spiritual eyes to be opened to see the Light of the Gospel, deaf ears made to hear the Truth of the Gospel. Invite God’s Kingdom to come to Oman and ask Him to bring a great harvest of souls.







Although its leader has been labeled a dictator and one human rights group has bluntly described Kazakhstan as “not free,” the nation was nevertheless elected to chair the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe for 2010. Observers have criticized this choice, stating Kazakhstan has failed to help bring peace to neighboring Kyrgyzstan (Kazakhstan merely closed its borders when Kyrgyzstan’s president was deposed), continues to oppress opposition, and has not made necessary democratic reforms. Pray for this troubled country. Ask the Lord to give President Nursultan Nazarbayev wisdom in leading his nation – a heart that fears God and seeks to bring righteousness and equity rather than simply maintain control. Pray for corruption to be banished from the government and for the Holy Spirit to bring an awakening that will affect every level of society. Ask the Lord for a tremendous harvest of souls in Kazakhstan.


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