2009/3/22-28 北緯10/40度之窗禱告焦點



2009年3月22日 - 3月28日

Weekly Prayer Points- March 22 - March 28, 2009



March 22


Ethiopia –Pray that Christians would continue to have a real passion for evangelism. Pray also for real spiritual growth and discipleship in the Church. Pray for 100% of the Ethiopian people to be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Myanmar – Pray for Myanmar’s peace and for the country to turn to Jesus as Savior and Lord, especially Myanmar’s leader, Than Shwe. The military regime actively promotes Buddhism and there is much discrimination against Christians. Pray for God’s protection and favor to be upon Christians as they do their part to expand the Kingdom of God in this land.




March 23


Chad – Pray for peace and calm for eastern Chad. Pray that the churches in Chad would grow and mature in their faith and discipleship. Many congregations mix Christianity with other ideas and beliefs that can be legalistic. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working to bring true freedom in their lives, and for the salvation of all of the people of Chad.

阿爾及利亞-- 2008年11月12日,阿爾及利亞的立法人士壓倒性同意一個對國家憲法具爭議性的修訂版本,解除對總統任期的限制,這使得總統阿布德拉茲可以主張他第三度的五年任期—在2009年4月一個眾所期待的選舉競爭中—再次贏得勝利。禱告救恩臨到總統阿布德拉茲及其他政府官員身上。禱告總統為所有百姓的益處能以公義治理國家。禱告真正的宗教自由能逐漸在這國家加增。禱告今年復興會充滿這片土地,有數百萬的爾及利亞人認識主,按主的方式接受門訓。

Algeria – Algerian lawmakers on November 12, 2008 overwhelmingly approved a controversial revision to the nation’s constitution that lifts the limit on presidential terms, which would allow President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to stand for a third five-year term in April 2009—a contest he is widely expected to win. Pray for the salvation of President Bouteflika and other government leaders. Pray that President Bouteflika will rule justly for the benefit of all citizens. Pray for increased and true religious freedom in Algeria. Pray for revival to spread in this land with multiple millions of Algerian coming to know the Lord this year, and to be discipled in His Way.




March 24


Libya – The Foreign Affairs Department of a country in the West, appointed an ambassador to Libya in November for the first time in 36 years, further normalizing relations between the two countries. Pray that Libya will continue to be diligent in its counterterrorism efforts. Praise God for the openness being displayed by the Libyan government, and pray that it will lead a great improvement in true religious freedom and human rights. Pray that the Kingdom of God will be firmly established in this land.


Malaysia – Pray that the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah and all other terrorist groups will be thrown into confusion, and will not be able to re-group, recruit, or have the capacity to be disruptive. Growing Islamic culture in Malaysia could make it harder for Malay Muslims to hear the truth about Jesus. Pray that Christians will share the Gospel with non-Believers in this land, leading them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.




March 25


Oman – Pray that the spiritual principalities and powers that have kept the Muslims in bondage will be broken forever. Ask the Holy Spirit to supernaturally reveal Jesus to Oman Muslims as the way to true peace and eternal Salvation. Pray that multiple thousands of new Believers will come to know the Lord in the next 30 days.


Kazakhstan – A Kazakh draft law passed by parliament that tightens control over nontraditional religious activities is causing heated debate in Kazakhstan. Yevgeny Zhovtis, chief of the Kazakh Bureau on Human Rights, said on December 2, 2008, that if President Nursultan Nazarbaev signs the legislation, the country would return to an era of totalitarian control. Pray that President Nazarbayev will not sign the draft law. Pray for complete religious freedom in Kazakhstan. Pray for the Kingdom of God to be firmly established in this nation.




March 26


Tunisia – Pray that the government of Tunisia would govern justly and with wisdom. Pray that Tunisian society openly accepts Tunisian Christians. Pray that revival will break out in this land, and everyone will come to know the Lord, and they will be properly discipled in the Way of the Lord.


Cambodia – Pray that justice will be done in the prosecution of those involved in the mass killings during the Khmer Rouge regime. Pray for continued healing for Cambodia from the genocide. Pray that God would strengthen the Church leaders in Cambodia, and that they would be innovative in discipling new Believers in the Way of the Lord.




March 27


Turkey – Turkish constitution includes freedom of religion, worship services are only permitted in “buildings created for this purpose,” and officials have restricted the construction of buildings for minority religions. Pray for opportunities for Christians in Turkey to share the truth of who Jesus is with those around them. Pray all restrictions will be lifted, and Believers will be able to freely worship in this land.

北韓--根據北韓邊境巡邏隊報導,對於企圖違法跨越邊界到中國的北韓難民,已下達「立即射殺」命令。過去幾個月,中國警察在邊境正全面性執行挨家挨戶地清查,要逐出那些在中國家庭中的北韓難民。為生活在卑賤中的北韓人民,以及那些因家庭緣故而受到只勉強提供食物及其他所需者威脅的人禱告。禱告神派遣所需的力量來拯救百姓脫離傷害。禱告神會按著祂榮耀的豐盛提供他們一切所需(腓 4: 19)。禱告北韓金正日的統治到今年秋季為止。

North Korea – The North Korean border patrol reportedly have a “shoot-on-sight” order for North Korean refugees (NKRs) trying to cross the border illegally into China. Widespread house-to-house checks by Chinese police in border areas were administered to ferret out NKRs in Chinese households over the past few months. Pray for North Koreans who live in squalor and whose lives are threatened by mere attempts to provide food and other necessities for their families. Pray for God to send necessary forces to rescue these people from harm. Pray the Lord will provide all of their need according to His riches in Glory. (Philippians 4:19) Pray for the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il to fall and totally collapse this year.



March 28


Somalia – Pray that God will use the witness of Christian martyrs to win many Somalis to Christ. Pray for the protection and safety of those delivering vital food aid and medical care to Christians. The Somali church has been driven totally underground; some leaders have been named on a hit list for execution. Pray that God would protect them, they would remain strong in the Faith, and lead unprecedented numbers of people to Christ, and disciple them in His Way.


Pakistan – Al Qaeda and Taliban jihadists have captured most of the northwest Federally Administered Tribal Areas, and were now terrorizing Peshawar, the capital city of North West Frontier Province (NWFP). The Church in NWFP is greatly at risk, according to Christian groups in the area. Pray for God to protect Christians in NWFP, and all of Pakistan. Pray the Believers would stand firm in the authority of Jesus and have the courage to share their faith and lead others to Christ despite the troubles they may face.



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